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Competition winners...

I've been running a couple of competitions of late. One is my monthly street team affair (the member of the street team that drives the most traffic to my site each month gets a prize); the other was a review-writing competition.

I've been a bit slow to announce winners (apologies; it's been a long year so far...) but I've finally got round to it. Sooo....

Street team winner

A big well done to Bhusan Thapa, who was the top pupil in the street team class in January, driving a hell of a lot of traffic to the site, and generating a lot of downloads. Bhusan wins a copy of 'Somewhere in London', which is a compilation album of sorts. It features a load of tracks that didn't quite make the final cut of 'Twisted City'. Bhusan, I will email you a link to the download over the next couple of days. Bravo.

If anyone else is interested in this sort of viral marketing thingy, you can find out find out more about the street team here - it's a great way to support my music.

Review writing winners

I asked members of my expanding little messageboard community to write their own review of 'Twisted City' - as an incentive, a signed copy of the new record, 'Lady Gasoline', would wing its way to the writer of the best review.

By far the maddest review was that written by JimPansy, so he wins (despite describing Chris de Burgh as my hero). JimPansy is not his real name but I know who he is (but not where he lives) so will contact him when the album is manufactured (shortly) to arrange delivery of his prize.

Okay so maybe not the most enteraining blog. Sorry. Next week, the meaning of the Universe. Oooh.

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