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A Facebook challenge - can you help?

Dear all, for those of you who were a Facebook friend, you haven't annoyed me, and I haven't deleted you in a huff. However, what has been deleted is my public Facebook profile (the one I use for accepting friend requests from people who are into my music). I've asked for it back, but I've got a feeling that this might not happen, as I may have breached Ts and Cs for having too many friends and subjecting them to too much waffle about my music.

Sadly this means that all of a sudden I am no longer friends with 2,600 people - a bit of a blow for an indie artist. However, I DO still have my Facebook fan page at

So I'd be very grateful if you could boost the numbers of the fan page. It has 1,040 fans on it at time of writing - can you help me find another 1,600?

To do this,

1. Just visit
2. Click the 'Suggest to friends' link below my picture (on left hand side of page).

It'd be particularly good if you could invite any friends you have been playing my record to, or people who may have been a friend on my old page but had yet to become a fan.

Cheers as always for the support. You never know, I might get my old profile back and in which case, we can er, be friends again. Ciao!

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