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Co-writes and axes (or, Stelios and his guitar)

I've never really been a man for co-writes, because I'm far too bossy / selfish / uncooperative. Maybe it's because I became a parent last year and have to collaborate in the upbringing of a child or something but my approach to songwriting with other human beings has a bit changed of late; I've been trying hard to get my toes well and truly dipped in the murky world of co-writing. My co-writer at the moment is the supremely talented Stelios Kalisperides, my guitarist since 2004.

We were working on something the other day and I shot a bit of footage from the session. It's at if you'd like to take a peek. It's all very guitar-based for now (i.e., we've yet to work out a tune) but it'll give you an idea of the kind of racket we are making together. Enjoy.

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