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Ok, so the new record's nearly done. It's 99% mixed. One more track, the dubiously titled 'Lady Gasoline' (a daft title and no relation to 'Lady Madonna' - I swear), needs to be recorded but then that's it...and then off to to master it and put it to bed.

Things being the way they are however, it's going to take a while before it gets released. I've got to work out how to actually put it out. Do I go physical? (That's not a sex thing, it means manufacturing cds!). Do I just put it out digitally? Do I encourage punters to buy it on iTunes or just ask them to buy it direct from my site? Do I tell people to listen to it on Spotify? The whole way that artists flog albums these days is a minefield and, while we're at it, an enigma wrapped in a mystery too.

Well that's for me to worry about. However, if you'd like to get a copy of the album before anybody else does, here's your chance. Anybody who posts threads on my messageboard - - between now and 31 July will be automatically entered into a competition to get an advance copy. The more interesting your posts, the greater a chance you've got of winning.

Incidentally the judge's decision on who is the most interesting poster is final and I'm the judge. Get posting!

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