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Entries in Iraq (2)


George Bush, in numbers

Years in office: 8
Elections stolen: 1
Gore's majority over Bush in the 2000 popular vote: 543,895
Civilians killed in 9/11: 2,974
Civilians killed in Iraq: 98,731 (Iraq Body Count website - others estimate it higher)
Total violent deaths in Iraq: 151,000 (World Health Organisation)
Wars launched: 2
Civilians killed in Afghanistan: 8,000 - 26,873 (various)
US soldiers killed in Iraq: 4,229 (
Poodles: 1 (that would be Blair)
Global credit crunches sparked by US subprime mortgage crisis: 1
Cost of Bush bank bailout plan: $700bn
Number of people in US currently without healthcare: 45 million (BBC)
National US debt: $11.3 trillion
US carbon emmisions: 6,049,435 thousand metric tonnes (CDIAC)
Current Bush approval rating: -33 (ABC)
Weapons of mass destruction found: 0
Days left in office: 0

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Just watched Question Time on BBC and heard a load of people moaning about immigration, and the lack of border controls in the UK.

The moaners tend to be the same people who don't have a problem with the British Empire and, say, the invasion of Iraq. That would be, er, British people going over and settling in other countries. And, generally speaking, not in the back of lorries but in tanks or battleships.

The other complaint was that British identity is effectively being ruined or distorted by immigration.

Well, given that the so-called British identity (which Scots and Welsh people are arguably not that keen on anyway) is effectively the product of years of immigration - including, shock horror, a fair bit by the French - it's a fairly meaningless term.

English is a Germanic language anyway.

The whole thing is bollox.

My dad's English by the way, so this isn't some anti-British rant. And my mum's from Mullingar - actually I have an issue with Mullingar people being let into Dublin.