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Betsey Trotwood gig

Just a quick note to remind people of the Betsey Trotwood gig tomorrow, 2 December at 8pm.

It now features 3 acts:

- yours truly:
- a brilliant folk duo James and Amy:
- my backing singer and top folk soul brother John Gibbons:

It'll be a mix of acousticness, basses and harmonies.

Come along! £7 on door or £5.50 if you buy online in advance from

Full details and address also from


Special guests at the Troubadour show

Hello all,

Would just like to draw your attention to the special guests at the Troubadour show.

They are the fantastic Silverfall and John Gibbons.

Silverfall are racking up great reviews and some nice airplay too. Their musical influences encompass David Bowie, Coldplay, RufusWainwright, Jewel and others too numerous to mention; you can check out their melodic acoustic sound at

John Gibbons - who will also be doing vocals during my set - has one of the most soulful voices I've ever encountered. He regularly gigs with the likes of The Killers, Razorlight and Cat Stevens and I'm really delighted he's doing a set for me. You can check him -and his multiple influences out at

Look forward to seeing you there.

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London show announced for 29 January

Just to let you know about a gig I'm doing on 29 January 2009. Hear Twisted City live plus some brand new material.

Tickets are very limited - Buy yours online now!

263-267 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 9JA - buy ticket.

29 January sees a full-band show by Dublin singer-songwriter Chris Singleton. Chris' music is a mixture of three classic Bs - Beatles, Bowie and Bolan - and his recent album 'Twisted City' wowed critics. He's been described as 'one of the most promising songwriters to emerge this year' by Clash Magazine, and the Irish Times reckon he's making 'some of the best pop/rock you are likely to hear this or any year'. His show at the Troubadour promises to be a corker. At the show you'll be able to pick up a limited-edition EP which features brand new tracks, which Chris and his band will also be playing live.

Joining Chris on stage will be vocalist John Gibbons (Razorlight, The Killers), guitarist Stelios Kalisperides (Shalamar, Jocelyn Brown), bassist Zane Maertens (Pearl Kaufman, Nestor Torres) and drummer Ben Woollacott (formerly of The Veils).Chris' "Twisted City" is available as a free download for a limited time only - you can get it now at

Tickets to this gig are very limited - buy yours online now.

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New Chris Singleton songs

A quick note to let my devoted following [sic] know that I've put 3 new tracks up on my Myspace page, These are

Lose It
Bad Ambitions
Let Me Out

and I hope you like them (despite the quite awful Myspace compression).

Unlike my last album, 'Twisted City', my new stuff has a lot more musicians on it (I'm not, hardy har, playing with myself quite so much).

The first two tracks feature the velvet backing vocals of John Gibbons; the third features the soulful sweetness of Jane Fraser. On bass for 'Lose It' and 'Let Me Out' we have the one and only Zane Maertens; the prince of precision, Ben Woollacott plays drums on 'Bad Ambitions'. Our electrician Peter Rollinson, who is also a damn fine trumpet player, is the boy behind the brass on 'Bad Ambitions'. I'm on the vocals, axes (guitars) and keys.

Do let me know what you think of the songs by posting a comment - I'm interested in hearing what people make of the new stuff.

Also, please excuse the silly adjectives employed above to describe my musicians - I went to see Leonard Cohen the other night and he introduces his musicians with such hilarious flair that I felt compelled to use some of my own daft phrases in this post. Apologies to all involved.

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New track: "Bad Ambitions"

Hello all,

If you go to my Facebook page, you can stream one of the tracks I'm working on for my new album:

Scroll down a bit and click 'Bad Ambitions' - it's one of the tracks in the music player. You can also hear it on Myspace but it sounds pants on there (Myspace MP3 compression is rubbish!). Listen to it on headphones, not tinny cheap computer speakers, and play it loud please.

The song features the fantastic drumming of Ben Woollacott, who is kindly helping me out with some tracks at the moment. He's doing some fab overdubs and I'm really pleased to be working with him. We recorded some of this song down in Hackney's Exostudios, and the rest in my own setup.

Assuming you like David Bowie mixed with Blondie, it should hopefully appeal. We still need to tidy a few things up on it, add some more strings and maybe some soulful John Gibbons backing vocals, but it's getting there. Enjoy it while you can 'cos I'm taking it down in a couple of days!