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Budding - or not-so-budding - musicians are naturally drawn towards social networks. In fact, I'd say the explosion in the popularity of social networks owes a lot to bands and artists going round 'befriending' people (a misnomer if ever there was one - and that's coming from a musician - 'bespamming' would be more appropriate!).

It's easy to see why: since their earliest days, social networks have offered bands (and indeed brands) a cheap way to connect with other people and to display their wares easily on a digital plate.

However, social networking has got to the point where there now are multitudes of communities to focus on - or worry about. Bands will know that keeping people engaged with these communities relies on there being interesting content regularly posted on these sites. But keeping tons of social networking presences up to date is extremely laborious.

Thankfully, there is a way around this, and it comes in the form of syndication. Recently I made a decision to use this blog as the main source of my content, and to feed it through to all my profiles. I started off by doing this mainly through importing this blog's Atom feed into Facebook pages, Last FM etc., but I'm now going to be using a tool called Ping to spread my blog's content all over the interweb.

If Ping does what it says on the tin, when I post this blog it should show up literally anywhere I've got a social networking presence - and that's a whole load of places: Myspace, Facebook, Last Fm, Twitter, iLike and more (it's getting faintly ridiculous!). Ping has been around for a while and I'm possibly a bit late to the party, but my hope is that from now on if I write stuff here, anybody else who has a whiff of interest in what I'm doing should get updated...without me having to worry about using javascript to import RSS feeds or copying and pasting content. There's a whole load of other snazzy (but probably pointless) stuff I can do with Ping too - for example, I think I can just text Ping if I want a message about the poo my cat is currently doing to appear on 20 social networks at once.

I'll let you know how I get on. If you're reading this successfully, it's probably worked!

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Ways you can support Chris Singleton

Hi all,

Here's a post about how you can support my music. Thanks to all of you who already have helped out! Please do as many of the below as you can, as it will help spread the word about new indie music.

1. Download my 'Twisted City' album free
You can get it at

2. Tell all your friends about the album

3. If you like the album, please consider making a safe, secure donation
You can donate as much or as little as you like using my Paypal honesty box. This really helps finance the recording and promotion of my music. (Note: Paypal pages sometime takes a few seconds to load, please be patient).

4. Play the album to friends, colleagues and family
Play 'Twisted City' to people you know whenever you get a chance - put it on at work, at parties or in the car.

5. Support me on Facebook.
First, put "Chris Singleton" in your favourite music section. Then...

  • Add me as your friend here
  • Become a fan here (and remember to click iLike this artist button)
  • Join my group here.

6. Become a fan on Myspace
If you use Myspace, add me as your Myspace friend. You can also add one of my songs to your page and post a bulletin about my free album to your friends.

7. Support me using iLike
Go to and click the 'Click to iLike' button.

8. Support me on Last FM
If you you use Last FM, become my friend and scrobble me whenever you play one of my tracks on your computer.

9. Subscribe to my blog for news, more free stuff and ways to help
Just go to for details.

If you do the above 9 things, I can't guarantee you good luck / sex / health (delete as appropriate...) for the rest of your life...this isn't one of those dodgy chain letters!

But you'll be doing me a big favour and helping me to make more independent music available.

Many thanks for your support,