Twisted City by Chris Singleton - album sleeve

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Norweigan Good

A quick note to let you know that I've put some new press shots of yours truly and band in flagrante up on my website. Okay, so maybe not in flagrante, but doing some serious pouting. Hopefully cynical rock journos will interpret said pouting as us being cool.

We were very lucky to have a photographer called Pal Hansen do the shoot - and I mean very lucky; he stepped in at the very last moment and saved the day after our original plan fell through. After a panicked phone call from me on a Friday night, Pal took a listen to the new album, and thankfully liked it enough to agree to work with us (he said he'd work with us if we looked interesting or made good music; I'm assuming the latter saved the day).

Norweigan-born Pal is one of the UK's top photographers - take a look at to see why. And he's a top bloke too. Working with Pal was one of the most professional experiences I've had in a long time; we all had a blast and we're hoping to do some video work with him now too.

Enjoy the pics, and if you have any favourites let me know - leave your comments below. Pal's shots are the ones which involve me wearing a tie or a red cardigan and the band looking like they might break your legs. (Speaking of red cardigans, big thanks to Cherie Chambers and her beau Steve Green - aka Sexy Jesus - who helped massively with the styling and locations).

You can view the images here.