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What's going on

Well, I feel like I've neglected my website and blog - and therefore you, dear readers (oh, ok, reader) - a tad of late. 

So I just thought I'd add a quick post about some stuff that's been going on / is coming up.

Online gig - 6 December

Firstly, I've got an online gig on 6 December. I'll be previewing some new material, and playing my greatest, er, hits from Lady Gasoline and Twisted City. The gig is free but I will be passing a virtual hat around during it to raise a few bob for the Save the Children charity. To watch it, simply go to at 8.30pm on 6 December. 

For a reminder of the show, just go to and hit the 'Remind me' button.

New(ish) video

In case you missed it, I recently put out a cover of an old Beatles B-Side, Yes It Is, and made a rather odd video to go with it. You can check out the video at (do feel free to share, as ever!).

New album

I'm also in the middle of recording album 3 - it's going a bit slower than usual as I recently became a dad and have been a bit sidetracked! But I'm working with some great musicians on it and very excited about how it's all turning out. It's currently looking as though it will be an artrock concept album extravaganza. Will post some work in progress up as and when it's ready.


Finally, I've been blogging a bit for Prescription PR recently, writing articles about music promotion in this weird new-fangled age of the online musician. If you're in a band or just generally interested in that sort of thing, do check it out at

Anyway, that's where I'm at for now.
Talk anon dear reader.