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Making of Lady Gasoline
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Gig in your Gaff!

The idea behind "Gig in your Gaff" is that the listeners become the promoters - and get to see Chris play live in their homes.

You book Chris for a gig, you invite your friends, they pay a fee in (25% of which goes to a charity of your choosing). You support independent music and a good cause, and have a great night with friends.

How it works

Gig in your Gaff is simple.

1. You book Chris for a live date using our contact form.
2. You invite all your friends.
3. Your friends pay an entry fee (£10 if you live near London, more if you live elsewhere - see below).
4. Chris plays a show in your house!
5. 25% of all money raised at the gig (either from your friends or merchandise sales on the night) goes to a charity of your choosing.

Important notes...

  • You must have a minimum of 15 guests at the event. If less than 15 friends attend, you have to make up the shortfall in cash...sorry!
  • The entry fee for your friends is £10 if you live within a 1 and a half hour drive from London. If you live further away (including abroad), Chris is generally happy to do a gig in your gaff, but the entry fee will be set a bit higher.
  • By hosting a gig in your gaff, you do so at your own risk and will be accepting all the terms and conditions associated with the initiative (these will be supplied to you when you book a gig).
  • While Chris tries to do as many gigs as possible, and usually obliges, he reserves the right to not play in a gaff!

Book your gig now!

Don't hang about - contact us now to book Chris Singleton.