Making of Lady Gasoline
Lady Gasoline sampler
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How to support Chris Singleton

Chris Singleton and the Distractions rely on the support of people like you to make, play and distribute music. Please do as much as you can to help out and support quality independent music.

1. Spread the word on Facebook.

Possibly the most important thing you can do to support Chris is to spread the word on Facebook.

2. Email everybody

3. Consider making a donation or buy some music / merchandise

If you downloaded a free copy of 'Twisted City' please consider making a donation to the honesty box (anyone who donates gets extra tracks as a thank-you). You can also support Chris by buying more music and merchandise

4. Play the album to everyone

Play Chris Singleton's music to as many people as possible: to passengers in your car, people at work, drunks at parties etc. Don't keep it to yourself! Tell people that they can download it for free at

5. Create an e-signature

Add the following line to your email signature: "Download Chris Singleton's acclaimed album, 'Twisted City', entirely free at"

6. Become a fan or follower on social networks

Become a fan on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Myspace | iLike | Last FM | Youtube
Once you've done so, invite all your friends to become friends / fans too.