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Saxophones in the studio

A lot of instruments, including some fairly obscure ones, have ended up on my recordings. But one instrument that hasn't (somewhat surprisingly) is the saxophone. So imagine my delight when it turns out that my good friend and fellow Hackney-ite Michael Kirkland turns out to be a very soulful sax player. Had to have him round to blow some notes all over some of my new stuff.

Do take a listen at (or if you're reading this online using the player below).


A tour of my studio

One for the musical nerds amongst you: a video tour of my little studio, where I'm recording my latest (ahem) opus. You can watch it here: It features me commenting on bits of recording equipment, an old organ, guitars and photographs of John Lennon.

I'm hoping to make a few more of these little videos; future ones might actually involve some music...stay posted and I'll try to make the videos a bit more exciting in future...maybe some tap dancing or something is in order, to liven them up a bit.

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