Welcome to my website - a place where you'll find some of my music alongside a variety of ramblings. You'll also find some hyperacusis resources (hypercusis is a hearing condition involving an intolerance to everyday sound - something I've suffered from in the past).


Solo stuff

If you're interested in listening to my solo stuff, just enter your details below to download my two albums. Scroll down to listen to my more recent songs with Five Grand Stereo.

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Five Grand Stereo

I do the bulk of my music making with Five Grand Stereo these days.

If you're interested in having a listen to us, please visit www.fivegrandstereo.com or check out the video below for a quick overview of our ‘Sex and Money’ album.


Latest posts

I occasionally blog (or, more accurately, rant) about various topics - below you'll find some of the more recent posts along with the odd bit of news about what I'm up to.