My experience of hyperacusis

A lot of people come across this website because my name pops up when they are researching hyperacusis - a hearing problem where everyday noises seem excessively loud and cause pain.

I suffered from hyperacusis in the 2000s and, when I released some of my music, the media picked up on the fact that I had experienced the condition. Despite this press coverage being some years old, I still get quite a lot of people contacting me about hyperacusis - specifically because I was treated successfully for it.

As such, I thought it would be helpful if I shared some resources which explained my experience and treatment on this site.

Finally, please remember that nothing on this site should be viewed as formal medical advice - I'm obviously not a doctor! But I hope that by sharing my experience along with some of the resources that helped me beat the condition, people suffering from hyperacusis can find it easier to get the advice and treatment they need.