Where to get help with hyperacusis

Useful resources

For more information about hyperacusis, I'd suggest reading the below resources / web pages on hyperacusis. These resources are all published by reputable organisations with a medical / scientific background; they both explain the condition in reasonable depth and outline ways it can be overcome.

NOTE: it's easy to encounter misleading information - not to mention scare stories - about hyperacusis online (especially in forums or on Facebook pages about the topic). My advice is to stick to sources like the above for information and advice.

Contacting a doctor or ENT consultant

If you think you have hyperacusis, you should contact your doctor or an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) consultant.

However, depending on your location you may find that they don't necessarily know what hyperacusis is, or how to deal with it. This is what initially happened to me - I lived in Ireland when I first started experiencing hyperacusis, and perhaps due to the country's relatively small population, no medical professional I spoke to had encountered it before. 

As such, I'd suggest printing out resources on hyperacusis (such as those provided above) and bringing them along to your first appointment. This means that if your doctor / ENT is not familiar with the condition he or she can refer you to somebody who is.

Contacting me about hyperacusis

If you'd like to contact me about hyperacusis, that's okay - my contact details are here. However, you should note that I'm not a medical professional and can only relay my personal experience - anything I say to you is not medical advice and should not be considered as such.

Before contacting me, please note:

  • I get a lot of enquiries about hyperacusis, and whilst I'll do my best to help, it may take me a while to get back to you (please don't be offended if so).
  • Most of the enquiries I get are usually answered by my FAQs on hyperacusis or by my blog post detailing my experience of hyperacusis. Please make sure you have read these before contacting me.
  • I cannot be held responsible for any decisions you take regarding any steps you take to tackle hyperacusis as a result of a conversation (verbal or email).